The Radegund Mile is on again for 2022!  

2022 Radegund Mile-and-a-bit Draw

2022 Competitors information

This year, it’s on Sunday 8th May.  We listened to your feedback from last year, and this year the race will be a long-format course of 2km from the A14 bridge to the Railway bridge (so strictly it’s the St. Radegund Mile-and-a-Bit).  We hope to offer three or four divisions, from 9am until 1:30pm.

The race is open to all categories of boat, but eligibility for prizes is not guaranteed until the prizewinning categories are published in the final draw. 

Entry is £10 per seat. Coxes are free, because we’re really quite keen on boats not crashing into things, and anyway it’s fun to listen to them shouting stuff

Prizes:  This year, we have broken with St. Radegund tradition and actually had the prizes delivered in advance of the race!  The trophies are these handsome engraved hip-flasks

Hip-flasks will be awarded to crewmembers in all winning craft (including coxes). Categories eligible for prizes will be announced in the provisional starting-order one week before the event, and confirmed in the final starting-order two days before the event. Categories not specifically listed in the final starting-order as prizewinning categories will not be eligible for prizes. Categories may be combined for prizegiving purposes.  Oh, and if you still haven’t collected your trophies from last year, please get in touch ( – we’ve been trying to reach you!

So how do I enter?, I hear you eagerly say, (caring not if you split an infinitive or two in your haste).  Fear not! It’s all very easy!  Entries are now open via the simple online signup google-form:

Entries are now closed

It would help us if you could give us an idea of how fast you expect to be able to row up 2km of river, so we can seed crews in a more-or-less non-colliding order.  Please sign up before Friday 6th May if at all possible, as we really need to get an idea of demand to work out timings.

Thanks for reading all this , and see you on the 8th May!  And please pass this on to everyone you know who might be interested!