The St Radegund Boat Club would like to invite you to race in the Radegund Mile Head Race on xxx. The course runs upstream over one mile from outside the Plough to Two Tees boat shed.  

Entries and payment will be received until xxx.

You can use this form to enter up to four boats. If you wish to enter more than four boats, please submit four entries and then begin another form.

Race costs are £7.00 per head. No charge for coxes. Boats may only race on the day upon receipt of payment.  Please use bank transfer to pay the race fee, if possible. If not, please contact the Race Secretary at

BACS details

  • Sort Code: xxx
  • Account number: xxxx
  • Include Club and Boat Name(s) in the reference

NOTE: Please fill out a new form for EACH boat you intend to enter